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Looking for a genuine way to make money selling information products online? Then...

Discover The Truth About SureFireWealth.com... Can PLR Products Really Make You Rich?

If you've been looking for a way to sell information products without having to create them yourself, but you're tired of seeing trashy PLR websites selling you nothing but a dream, then it's time to find out whether SureFireWealth is any different and whether their membership site lives up to it's claims or not...

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A common problem for many online marketers, beginner and experienced alike, is in creating profitable products and content that people will want to read and more importantly buy.

If you’re looking to start successful business selling information (which is the best business model going) then it’s crucial that you’re able to crank out information products that sell, or you’re dead in the water.

But even when you do have an idea, there are so many other hurdles in the way such as lack of time (or skills) to actually create the product fully.

So ultimately, whilst more content and better quality information will bring more money, getting to that stage of attracting targeted traffic that buys your information products is not as easy as they claim it to be.


There are many ways to get a product created, particularly using online freelancer websites. But the problem is, you’ll pay a lot of money to get the work done, and there’s no guarantee that the end product is either what you wanted or will actually sell in the real world.

That’s why PLR products are so popular, because they are literally a way to pick up and start selling products that you can call your own.

The problem is, far too much PLR material is either hashed together by people for a quick buck or the product is good, but there’s no research into whether the product will be in demand and will ultimately sell.

Further more, it can get costly paying for rights to PLR books one by one, only to find out the hard way whether they will return any money for you…and paying a freelancer to create a product is an even harder pill to swallow when the sales don’t come flooding in after you set up your website.

Why we chose to review SureFireWealth.com…

We’ve chosen to review SureFireWealth.com because they seem to be tackling these problems head on, providing a membership service where PLR is in abundance, with no end in choices of popular products to promote.

If this site is any good, we can expect to make significant money selling proven and popular, high quality PLR material without ever running out of ideas, time or money in having them created.

What you'll learn in this review…

We’re going to see what the membership quality is like and how good (or bad) the PLR products are. After reading this review, you’ll know what to expect if you decide to become a member, and ultimately whether it’s worth your time and money.


From The Desk of:
Tony Sanford
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- Huge library of PLR download products (both resell and private label rights) including Software, Scripts, MP3s, Movies, Multimedia, Content, e-Books, Templates, Niche Materials, Marketing Materials, Marketing Tools

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Membership site that contains a huge vault of digitally downloadable products that can be claimed as your own, without having to create from scratch. From software, to templates, right through to best selling how to informational guides, there are thousands of products available.

There is also an opportunity to get free hosting as part of the Gold package, plus 10% Discount on all writing services, and Scott T. Smith’s (from renowned Copywriting.Net) new eBook training course and Free Phone Consultation.

Furthermore, you’ll also benefit from…

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Just added in March of 2009 - Free Training Videos

You can now just go to SureFireWealth.com to watch these whether you are a member or not. Current members can learn how to better use the site and visitors can see the many benefits of getting a SureFireWealth membership and go sign up.

Just click on the desired video, sit back, watch and learn how to make the most of SureFireWealth.com.

These videos show you how to submit your own products, understand resell rights, post reviews, buy a marketable domain name, create your free blog, download, set up and sell a product from scratch, build your lists & make money as an affiliate.


Messy website

One thing that was a little off-putting was the main Surefire Wealth website’s sales page. At first, we couldn’t really see on face value what the membership site was all about.

This was a little worrying to begin with, as the site’s popularity surely would mean a better sales page.

Overcrowded information

The information on the site seems a little overcrowded, with ads and links everywhere. Whilst all the info is designed to give you a huge insight into what you’re going to get as a member, we’re not too impressed with the whole look and feel of the site.

However, the real purpose of this review is whether the actual service is any good, so we went straight to the order button and got inside.


Lot’s of content (truly amazing value)

The first thing that becomes immediately apparent is the sheer amount of content, products and perks available once inside the member’s area.

In fact, we felt a little overwhelmed after first arriving, due to the dozens of pages of downloadable products that you can claim resell rights to.

The same links are present as were on the sales page, so there’s a little confusion over the navigation and it seems a little outdated for that reason.

However, looking past the layout and design, it’s clear to see that there’s a ton of value already…with so many products available and lots of other member’s bonuses, such as free traffic, hosting and special member’s only internet marketing software to use in your own business.

Hard to know where to get started at first

Whilst it’s hard to complain about so much value on offer, due to the slightly outdated navigation system and no apparent welcome guide, it may take a while to get your head around where to start.

The basic concept of the site is simple – you get access to a huge vault of PLR material you can resell, so getting started in more a case of picking a product and downloading it, but still…would be cool to see a “new user guide” or something, especially if you’re really new to the whole internet marketing game.


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The actual products range from truly high quality and unique to pretty standard. There are so many products to browse, that it would take months to review every single one.

However, there’s no denying that the vast majority of the products you can choose to resell. And furthermore, there’s no denying that reselling PLR material can bring lots of money.

Of course, results may vary as much of your success will come from how well you can market the products (getting traffic, making sales etc), but it’s important to remember, all of the information you need to get your marketing straight is contained in the products you can resell, so the entire membership doubles as a training program in its’ own right.

To be honest, there was almost too much to choose from and there were feelings of being overwhelmed, so if you’re going to make this work for you, then make sure you pick one product and get that rolling and making money first, instead of being sidetracked by all the other products contained within the site.

The other major aspect of the gold edition is the copywriting services, which are provided by Scott T. Smith.

This is a nice addition to the main membership as it will always be important to ensure that your products actually sell (and that’s essentially done through effective copywriting). Scott is a truly well established copywriter having written copy for several top internet marketing “gurus”, so you’re in good hands with this.

Then there’s the hosting. Depending on your situation, this can really be helpful in saving the start p costs (which are pretty low in any case for online businesses, but still…saving money is saving money right?).

Here’s a quick run down of the hosting features they give you for free as part of your membership:

- Free 10MB Web Hosting Account--Really Free, No Ads Compliments of
- Nethost.ws who specialize in Hosting For Internet Marketers
- Automated Signup and Delivery Of Your Hosting Information
- Domain Name Purchase Available During Signup For Those Who Don't Already Have A Domain
- Free Training for Website Building, Internet Marketing, List Building and More
- 24/7 Support
- Unlimited Email Accounts, Email Forwarding, Webmail, Email Client Compatible
- Unlimited MySQL Databases
- Unlimited User Accounts
- Unlimited Sub domains
- Php, Perl, CGI compatible
- Online File Manager (no need for ftp program)
- Cron Manager
- Easy To Use Control Panel
- Front Page Extensions
- Other features too numerous to list

Plus, Completely Free Memberships to:
- SiteSubmit--Includes Full Webmaster Toolset Suite
- Netblogger.info--Blogger Site
- Netbusinessforum.ws--Free Forum For Their Site on OUR Bandwidth
- 2stepknockout--Viral Traffic Builder
- SearchEstate--Free Ad Billboards On Major Search Engine Result Pages
- Exit Matters--Exit Exchange
- Banner Target--Banner Exchange
- Link Exchange--Page Rank Builder
- iMore Webmaster Resources--too numerous to list

To be honest I can imagine some folks would sign up just for the hosting alone, so clearly there’s a lot of value on offer here at SureFireWealth.com.


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This one is wide open, probably more suited for folks with little time and money, who don’t want to spend all day researching ideas, testing products out, writing their fingers to the bone and generally eating up all their time working on hit and miss projects.

Sure, there’s no guarantee that you’ll make a penny just because you’ve got access to thousands of products to sell as your own, but the truth is, if you stick to selling one at a time until it’s making you a nice residual income (shouldn’t be too hard if you already know internet marketing basics, and if you don’t there’s plenty of products you can use in the membership to learn!).

Whilst I could easily label this as the perfect resource for beginners looking to make their first dollar online, I actually think that the people who will get the most mileage out of SureFireWealth would be those who have a basic idea of what needs to be done to make money online (Keyword research, get traffic, send to sales page, sell product, build list etc.).

If you’re a total beginner, you will still be able to make regular income from reselling these products as your own, but the key difference is that you’ll probably want to USE most of the products yourself to learn the marketing process before you try and sell the products themselves.

In that respect, beginners will ultimately get the most value out of this membership as they will not only get an education from the vast amount of products contained in the member’s area, but will also be able to get straight off to the races in selling proven products once they “graduate” themselves from newbie status.


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Could use more variety

First of all, there is a feeling we get that there could/should be more products that are not related to internet marketing. This is just a personal preference, because it doesn’t matter what the subject of the information is providing it is in demand, we’ll always make sales…

However, it would be nice to see a little more variety on this side of things to keep things fresh.

To be honest, there’s so many products, that it’s hard for us to tell if there actually are more “niche” products contained deeper into the libraries, which is probably a good problem, not a bad one!

The navigation needs updating

The other thing that really bothered us when getting inside was the seemingly outdated navigation and layout. It feels a little clunky and poorly designed which doesn’t actually affect the products and material inside the membership, but can make things a little frustrating at first…especially when trying to see what’s available.

Adverts – are they really needed?

Finally, part of the current design includes adverts for 3rd party advertisers. Whilst we’ve got no problem with the principle of the owners doing that, we did wonder if it’s necessary to show ads inside a membership site?

This could just be temporary, as the ads seem to appear when logged out and when logged in to the membership site, so we’re not sure about this one at the moment.


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Fastest way to start a highly profitable business online, without the hassle

The obvious benefit and strongest selling point for SureFireWealth is clearly in the fact that you can sign up today, and by the end of the evening you can have your own profitable business online ready to take orders (not just half done or inactive, but actually live and payment ready!).

This will cut down on procrastination and distraction that plagues us all, new and experienced. Furthermore, you can test out more ideas and start getting your feet wet without huge costs, hurdles and the long winded set ups that are usually involved in any online business.

Extreme value for money

There’s no denying that SureFireWealth.com is extremely good value for money, with the vast amount of PLR products you can sell as your own, plus the hosting, added software for your own marketing use and discounts on professional copywriting services make SureFireWealth.com a real bargain for serious marketers.

TONS of time saved

And of course, all of the ready to roll products and marketing material make a huge difference on the amount of time you’ll save slogging away creating your own products and doing everything the long and hard way. Time is always too short, so this is a real key benefit of using SureFireWealth.com.

Free hosting means money saved

Then there’s the money saved from would-be hosting costs. Hosting isn’t exactly expensive, but it definitely adds up after a few months. After you start cranking out a few new sites each month, you’ll soon see how expensive hosting can really get…

…which is why free hosting is a welcome addition to the service.

Copywriting discounts are valuable to serious marketers

Any marketer, part time or full time, will tell you that traffic means nothing if you can’t convert it into sales. Heck, even with a good product from the membership to sell, you’ll still benefit from good sales copy.

It can mean the different between 1-2 sales per day and 10-20…seriously! That’s why the copywriting discount service is also a nice addition for the really serious players who understand the value of investing in good sales copy.

Added exposure from the reviews system

We also liked the unique feature that SureFireWealth.com has for expert reviews to be conducted. This is where any member can create a profile and contribute their own reviews of products in order to gain authority and extra exposure in the industry.

Not sure how effective this is, but it’s a nice community angle that makes for a nice perk to the membership, even if it brings a dribble of extra traffic it’s probably worth it.


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Click the play button to view the video

After getting inside the members area and really getting stuck in, it’s clear that SureFireWealth.com is ideal for time starved marketers who want to remove the guesswork of creating profitable products…

…and instead just put your own name and logos on a product and get selling today.

Whilst it all seems a bit “too good to be true” sometimes, the truth is that you may need to spend time reworking products to add value and stand out from the crowd, particularly if you want to make a lot more money and up the price of your material.

Finally, whilst not being the prettiest membership site we’ve seen, it’s clear that the value is overwhelmingly good and when it comes to making money online, value is what makes sales.

If you’re willing to make these products your own (spend a couple of hours max doing so), then you’ll be able to go out and hit a lot of hungry buyers with a product that they need.

Surely some of the products in the membership you may never get around to using, simply because there are too many…

…so don’t get overwhelmed, just pick out a few and really take them to town and you’ll get more than your money’s worth from one month of being a member of SureFireWealth.com.

SureFireWealth.com Summary
Product Highlights

Ease Of Use


Quality Of Info


Value For Money


Click Here To Checkout Official Surefire wealth.com Site

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Checkout Surefire wealth.com Here!

My Overall Rating:
Quality Of Content
8.9 /10
Easy To Use
6.9 /10
Value For Money
9.6 /10
60 Day Money Back Guarantee


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Tony Sanford
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